How woolly works

Woolly is the world's most advanced, artificial intelligence visual identification. Using innovative and proprietary deep learning techniques developed by Woolly's engineers, Woolly provides highly accurate exact matches for 70,000+ sneakers. Woolly will soon be adding other categories in apparel, accessories, furnishing and home decor.

Three trillion photos will be taken, shared, and posted this year. But even as consumers use social media to browse and discover new products, more than 99% of the products in photos can't be identified. That's why 70% of consumers try to purchase products discovered in online photos, but give up when they can't identify the product. Woolly solves this problem by looking at the photo, identifying the product, and creating a direct path to purchase. With Woolly your customers can see, snap, and buy.




Why woolly matters


Retail is Visual

Woolly's visual intelligence helps you merchandise just as you would in a store environment. This provides a more natural and rewarding shopping experience for customers and grows your basket size.

Happier Customers, Higher Margins

Traditional text search is clinical and makes your brand feel like a commodity. Visual shopping, however, elevates your brand, making your digital shop feel more like an immersive store experience. This means consumers stay on your site longer and are less likely to comparison shop. The result, happier customers and higher margins.

Deep Customer Connections

Woolly sees and because it sees, it develops a deep understanding of your customers' personal style, preferred colors, and favorite cuts. Not only does this help you serve and market to each customer better, it empowers you to predict what's trending for next season.




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About us



Meet John Baird and John Cao (the Js), two eCommerce brand and technology product creators, who envision creating a world where our digital and real-world experiences seamlessly complement one another. The two Js knew they were destined to work together when they began discussing their shared frustrations with online shopping. Why, they wondered, had eCommerce not changed in two decades? Why did it still behave as if it were following a set of dry, clinical directions? No wonder consumers had begun describing shopping as a chore. The entertainment, spontaneity, and bonding that had long made shopping a thrill, had become lifeless and technical. The Js believe the combination of A.I. and the growth of mobile are ushering in an overhaul of how humans discover, experience, share and shop online. With Woolly, shopping is about to become fun again.






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